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Undertale - Megalovania

Undertale - Megalovania #1
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TitleUndertale - Megalovania
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Please be sure to show your support for Toby Fox by listening to his music here: [[link stripped - click to show]]

The song megalovania, from the indie RPG undertale.

This is a recurring theme in his work. It originated in his Earthbound Halloween hack as the final boss theme and since then has made appearances in his other musical works, like Homestuck

Toby Fox is the amazing composer who created this master piece. Please be sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channel for future content.
The original video was deleted, so i thought i should upload it to keep the meme alive!

Please share this so this can hit 1 million views!
*You are filled with determination*
#undertale #megalovania #tobyfox

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