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#Matti #Haapoja CINE #LUTs Pack 2.0

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Title#Matti #Haapoja CINE #LUTs Pack 2.0
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I'm excited to add Matti Haapoja's awesome CINE LUTS PACK 2.0 to my video editing toolkit. These LUTs are exactly what I was looking for to use on my new project about a floatplane adventure that I recently took during a trip to Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Matti says he was inspired by his trip to Norway and trip to Iceland and made this new pack of 12 LUTs based on the amazing scenery in these two trips.

The teals and the blues really make these LUTs pop and are an excellent fit for color grading my floatplane adventure. What I really like, though, about this pack is that the LUTs do not swing from one extreme to the other.

I recommend knowing the type of look you are seeking, and then seeking out LUTs in that range and experimenting. This is so helpful vs buying tons of LUT packs that are all over the spectrum. I've seen videographers spend hours test applying LUTs that are all over the range of looks, instead of having an idea for the look desired, and then applying LUTs.

Big thanks to Matti for creating this superb LUTs pack!

You can get Matti's CINE LUTS PACK 2.0 here: [[link stripped - click to show]]

[[link stripped]]



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