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CGI **Award-Winning** Indie Short Film: "Voyager" - by Team Voyager | TheCGBros

CGI **Award-Winning** Indie Short Film: "Voyager" - by Team Voyager | TheCGBros #1
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TitleCGI **Award-Winning** Indie Short Film: "Voyager" - by Team Voyager | TheCGBros
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Watch this **Award-Winning** short about the space probe "Voyager", that was sent deep into space by NASA back in 1977. Now, hundreds of years later, it finally returns to earth. The world has changed and technology has taken over all mankind! For more information, please see the details and links below:

Written and directed by Loïc Magar and Roman Veiga.
Produced by Cynthia Zammit & the directors.

-Third Place at CineSpace of NASA and Houston Cinema Art Society (2016)

-Second Place at the International Nature Film Festival of Gödöllö (2016)

-Prize "Excellence in Soundtrack" at the ASIFA East Animation Festival of New York (2016)

Also, the film has been selected in more than 25 festivals whose Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival (France).

You can also learn some details about the film production on its website : [[link stripped - click to show]]

Director of Photography
Maxence Magniez

Lead 3D Animation
Daniel Quintero

Jean-Louis Padis, Mélinée Boucheron

Set Design
Marion Colasse
Maël Alby
Odile Pothier

Space Probe Maker
Jean Lefevre

Camera Operator
Roman Veiga

Kast, Peyo, Zwib, Lan12, Lâm, Marlène, Pink, Max, Amar and all the Supa great Team!

Character Design, Modeling, Rigging
Daniel Quintero

Character Texturing, Shading
Martyn Stofkooper

Character Hair
Caroline Lobato

Props Lead
Josselin Clairet

Technical Supervisor
Daniel Quintero

Layout 2D
Arthur Bodart

Camera Tracking
Elliot Tesseraud

Lead Animation
Daniel Quintero

Jean-Marie Vouillon
Benoît Vincent
Vincent Donaz
David Varsi
Thibault Pissot
Adrien Kedochim
Sylvain de Tholomèse
Manon Hirat
Mélanie Fumey

Lighting, Rendering
Rachad Meya
Loïc Bellot
Maud Bourgeais

Light Advisor
Catherine Rabier

Maud Bourgeais
Loïc Bellot
Léo Natta
Joceran Compoint
Quentin Puiraveau
Simon Bau
Cyril Declercq

Visual Effects
Niels Prayer
Dang-Vy Nguyen

Matte Painting
Julien Hauville
Josselin Bailly

Loïc Magar

Production Manager
Cynthia Zammit

Ludovic Jokiel, Fabrice Smedja, Eric Delafoy


Audio Production / Mix
Ludovic Jokiel

Sound Design
Benoît Mora
Maxime Singer
Laura Haddad

Girl"s Voice
Sacha Arrivé

Space Probe"s Voice
Matthew Géczy


Color Grading Operator
Sébastien Mingam

Charlotte Brisebarre

Color Grading Operator
Patrick Siboni

Lycée Suger
Pascal Stoller
French : Federica Parise, Thibault Combe
Spanish : Marie-Thérèse Bonafous, Véronique Giraud-Sintomer
German : Anaïs Clerc-Bedouet
Dutch : Bob Wijgman
Italian : Guiseppe Saponaro
Portuguese : Amilcar Veiga
Russian : Lydia Magnieu Ivanova, Miroslav Striz, Dimitri Byzov
Serbian : Bogdan Stupar, Marko Deak
Norwegian : Ellen Erikson
Greek : Maro Mavropoulou
Turkish : Rita Demiriz
Cantonese Chinese : Timmy Wong
Vietnamese : Thanh Trung Huynh
Korean : Sook Lim
Arabic : Rofaida Hadjab, Walid & Chaimaa Achtouk, Mohamed Achbrik
Japanese : Miwa Arai

WEBSITES (by Loïc Magar)
Facebook : Voyager - Court Métrage (@Voyager.courtmetrage)
Supamonks Studio :
Manuel Cam :
Coproduced by Supamonks Studio, Manuel Cam, AOC
© 2015 - Loïc Magar, Roman Veiga, Cynthia Zammit

MUSICS : Melancholy Blues, Louis Armstrong
Hot Fives & Sevens, Vol. 2

Queen of the Night, W.A. Mozart, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra,
Karajan, Wilma Lipp
Der Hölle Rache Kocht in meinem herzen 2003

Other musics : made by STAL (original score)
STAL : [[link stripped]]



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