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mub design studio _Yacht calibre 102m

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Titlemub design studio _Yacht calibre 102m
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CALIBRE_102M by MUB El Mahmoudi Mahjoub


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The Calibre 102M's proportions – worthy of the largest of its class – place it firmly in the superyacht category. It features enormous decks, providing vast amounts of space for you to enjoy. Not only that, but it is also based on Austal's famous new generation trimaran hull.


In this class of yachts, few ship designers combine speed with comfort, particularly for yachts over 100 m long. That is why the Calibre 102M was conceived.

In the words of the designer: "Every summer we used to go to spend our family holidays in Morocco, my country of origin. We started in Paris, and then drove through France and part of Spain to the port of Algeciras, where there were many types of boat. I remember that I was instantly fascinated by the fast ferries, particularly by their lines and their speed. I could never hide how excited I was when I went on board – it was a real adventure for me, every time".

Built on the same hull as the famous new generation "Austal 270" it has many special features, particularly in terms of comfort and stability, but it can also cope with a swell of 5 metres or more.
Its three MTU 20V 800 engines, each delivering no less than 12,203 hp, give it a top speed of 39 knots.

The external design reflects one of the main features of this yacht, as it tapers like a bullet. Its speed and its sleek and elegant contours make it stand out from the crowd in the yachting world.

The designer has created several exterior living areas: A jacuzzi, swimming pools and a sundeck, not forgetting the large screen at the back of the yacht on the main deck.
There is a vast amount of space inside, for the owner, the owner's guests and the crew.
The Calibre 102M's recreational areas include a nightclub, a fully equipped spa, a sports room, a gymnasium and a large aquarium.

Various accessories are also come as part of the yacht: a submarine and a dock for jetlevs, jet skis and sea sleds. These features are to be found in the Beach Club (the rear part of the yacht).

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