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Claude VonStroke - Can't Wait

Claude VonStroke - Can't Wait #1
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TitleClaude VonStroke - Can't Wait
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Claude VonStroke - Can't Wait / The Clapping Track
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The artwork for Claude VonStroke's upcoming 3rd album, "Urban Animal" best summarizes the theme of this full length outing from the dirtybird chief. A collection of architectural photography in disrepair from Detroit and The Midwest were chopped up and reconstructed into the shapes of 3 amazing animal portraits, a lion, a lizard, and a bird.

In the same way, Claude has taken sounds and snippets of his busy and sometimes frantic life and created an album from these simple and complex elements. Beauty and intrigue created from smaller pieces of chaos and adversity.

The introductory single, "Cant Wait," is reminiscent of some of VonStroke's deeper classics while also pushing further into new territory. A sense of restraint and release play games throughout this melancholy tune with a fat bassline locking down the groove. "Can't Wait" has fleeting moments of euphoria that are both surprising and uplifting especially for a summer open air crowd.

"The Clapping Track" then shows us the fun side of VonStroke where he cuts apart 16 claps and then brings them back together - building up to a standing ovation as a resonate organ sounds. This house anthem has already been destroying the Dirtybird Ibiza residency and summer festival circuit as well.

Both tracks are great for the club and leave us wondering what other happy surprises have been constructed out of the infinite imperfect pieces inside Claude VonStroke's head.

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